The Low Down

Welcome to my chaotic world of crafting!

So here’s the deal: I’m addicted to crafts if you haven’t already read my About Me page then here’s a recap: massively yarn obsessed to the maximum! This blog is basically going to be my diary where I gush about my undying love for the fiber drug! I know I know you’re disgusted & enthralled, I get it! This is also where I will be posting some sneak peeks at my shop updates (yes I will be selling my magnificent yarn creations, fabulous I know)! Right now I’m concentrating on getting a few custom orders out, as well as selfish knitting, birthday presents, & can’t forget Christmas presents! GAH! So if it’s a little dead on here jump to my Instagram username is: @tangledyarnsNfabrics where I post updates on my craft projects as well as awesome randomness. I’m also on Ravelry if you’re a fellow knitter & need to join a KAL group ! Well that’s pretty much my chaotic crafty life! I’ll be doing a knitting update so stay tuned!

Love always your craft slave,



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