Tourture of the Knitting Mother

If you didn’t already know I have 3 fur babies; 1 dog, 1 fat cat, & 1 baby kitten. Once upon a time I dressed up my dog & fat cat with the crocheted projects my gran would help me make along with trifted baby clothes from the Salvation Army. Since getting my kitten Little Richard (LR) I decided why not start that up again?! Sarah Clemmons is an amazing crochet master & made some fantastic baby beanie/diaper sets, so I asked if she could possibly make a Yoda costume for my LR! I’m SOOO in love with it!!! I posted a picture of him in it on Instagram (IG) & the ladies that follow me on there loved it as well! He of course hated it, whinned, hissed, scratched, bite, & clawed at me while putting it on lolx. Can’t wait till Halloween so I can show off his adorableness, 😀 well to no further ado here are the fantastic pictures of my LR:





Bahahaha those pictures still make me laugh! Hope you enjoyed the little photo shoot!

Love always your craft slave,



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