The Rising of the WIPs


Overload of wips right now! I have 3 custom orders (CM), 2 of them have 3 scarves each to be knitted so 7 scarves total (including the first CM)! Eeeek! I’m also trying to knit Birthday & Christmas pressies on top that, all while working Part Time w/ Full Time hours 😒🔫! I have been doing pretty well though considering I’m still a novice knitter & my CMs are massive! Every Wednesday I’ll be updating on here & IG my progress on wips whether they be CMs or just selfish knitting! So far here’s what I got going on:

Surprise Christmas pressie for a friend:


Custom Order for @bellandpistol:


Custom Order for @tharper1:


Surprise Scarf for bestie:


Birthday Scarf for Madre:


Holden Shawlette for myself:


So far they’re on their way to greatness! Just hoping for some actual alone time to get more knitting done! & don’t forget to check back next Wednesday for progress on the WIPs!

Love always your craft slave,



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