Fiber/Fibre Fetish 😍❤🐑

I know I know! You’re probably getting sick & tired of hearing about my fiber obession, BUT I can’t help it! So I started my search for the perfect spindle to spin fiber with! Of course everything I wanted was ultra expensive & to ship it cost an arm & a leg (living in Hawaii sucks balls sometimes)! So as I was whinning about my monstrositity of a problem Tanya (@ayarnlovingmama) told me that she’d make me a spindle!! EEEEK! You can probably imagine how excited & happy I was (& still am) about this! My fave yarn dyer (Danielle owner of AStashAddict) also dyes fiber braids! So once I get that spindle I’ll be able to enjoy her awesome colorways with my very own handspun yarn!!! AAAAHHHHH! I’m totally stoked for this! I haven’t gotten my awesome rainbow spindle yet BUT here are some pictures of it in it’s magnificence!




In that last photo she tested my spindle to make sure it spun correctly! EEEK! She’s such a doll! If you want to order your own custom spindle from her click the link to her Ravelry account & drop her a message! Every Thursday I’ll give you crafties a bit of fiber fetish to get you going through the week!

Love always your craft addict,



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