FO Brag Session

I don’t just love knitting you know, I love finishing a knit too! Lately I’ve been doing custom orders so most of my Finished Objects (FOs) are for my amazing customers who appreciate my worship worthy knitting skills (JUST kidding! Just kidding)! I have a few crochet FOs that I did last year for my fiance & his daughers that I absolutely love & will need to replicate (how? No idea since I suck at crochet) for the shop’s inventory. I’ve casted on (CO) a few pressies for some loved ones & friends for some variation so I don’t kill myself frogging the same FO! I CO a luxurious shawlette for myself as well so I can have pretty adult knitting time (those of you who believe that the alpaca/silk blend should be in the adult section of the yarn shop will know what I’m talking about). Most of my early FOs havent been with luxury yarn or be a glam pattern but I am proud of accomplishing them so here goes my brag session:

This is the first EVER FO by TangledYarnsNFabrics:


It’s the first crochet project I finished as well as the first scarf I ever designed & hooked! I loved how it came out that I proceeded to make another, but we’ll come to that one later. It was a pressie for the fiance, a soft & cuddly striped scarf to keep him warm on those rainy English days. I used some yarn gifted by my grandmother some creams & a baby blue that was to die for! Probably a bit strange for a grown man to be wearing baby blue but the color compliments his glue/blue eyes that I couldn’t resist!

Another crochet FO:



Cute little ruffled cowl with black bow accents for my fiancé’s eldest daughter Sophie! Love love love how it turned out! I feel like the cream & soft yellow give it a slight cutesy feel along with the ruffled hem but the black makes it a bit more grown up & sassy! Can’t wait to see what she thinks of it as well as whip up more for the shop!

3rd crochet FO:


Little mohair booties for the fiancé’s youngest Zoë! She’s always stomping around the house in her outdoor shoes so I figured why not make her a pair of booties?! Super soft & adorable! They’re not finished yet, will be adding black now details to these to give them a more girly feel!

4th crochet FO:


This is a selfish project, I made myself a Pocket Cowl from a pattern I bought off of Etsy. I used AStashAddict’s Gothic Rainbow colorway in DK BFL for a chunky but soft feel. This one is also unfinished, it just needs buttons sewed on! Can’t wait to visit the fiancé so I can actually use it!

5th crochet FO:


This is the first shawl I’ve ever made! It’s from yarn gifted by my Grandma, pattern was given to me from a fellow crocheter I met on IG. These will definitely be available in my shop in a variety of colors! Love love love this Shawlette!

5th crochet FO:


That right there is my second scarf I’ve made! I dubbed it my Mocha Toffee Swirl scarf! I fell in love with all three yarn colors & couldn’t decide which one to use so I decided to use all 3 (: ! These will be available in my shop soon as well as knitted ones just like it!

First knitted FO ever to be made:


Yup that’s right a custom order was my first knitted FO ever! I’m still a novice in the knitting world & have only just started knitting a few months ago. I’m a bit slow at it as well since I take my time & rip out stitches that look horrible. This is a bow tie collar I made for a friend who loved my knitting skills. These will also be in my shop!

2nd knitted FO:


Last FO for this post I promise! It’s another custom order, but for a different person! It’s also made with a lighter yarn so it has more of a drape to it. Absolutely love it & can’t wait to knit up more like it!

Well now that you’ve seen my knits don’t be shy to check out my Etsy shop once I get my inventory set up! Also you can see my knitting progress on here (Wednesday is WIP day) or on Instagram where my username is @tangledyarnsnfabrics! See you next week Friday for more FOs!

Love always your craft slave,



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