Handmade Shop of the Week


This weeks handmade shop of the week is: AstashAddict owned by Danielle Alinia! The most awesome silky yarn I’ve ever had the pleasure of knitting & crocheting with! Her colorways are fun & original & the yarn blends she picks are utterly fantastic! I may be a bit biased seeing as how she’s the first hand dyed yarn I’ve ever bought (I’ve had a few others after being a loyal addict) but I must say her customer service & gorgeous colorways are what keeps me coming for more! No skein is ever the same & you can tell she puts love & time into dying & painting each skein. Her shop is a haven for fiber addicts (like myself)! She has an array of colorways as well as blends & notions to help complete any addicts craft bag! Here are a few of my recent purchases from her shop:




So as you can see I’m madly in love with her work! If you haven’t had a peek at her magnificent work definitely head over to her shop & grab a couple of skeins before I gobble them up! Stay tuned for next Monday’s Handmade Shop of the week!

Love always your craft slave,



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