KAL Showoff

So as you know, I’m a bit of a knitting addict. So much that I teamed up with the amazing Tanya, also known as the @ayarnlovingmama, & made a Knit A Long group on Ravelry! We made it for the knitting community on Instagram so that we could all participate in knitting up scruptious designs together. We started the DayBreal Shawl by Stephen West Knits, its a gorgeous & popular design! It’s a semicircular shawl involving a striped pattern to echo the rising sun, three sections to play with color work of this arched shawl. I unfortunately was unable to paticipate in this KAL because of my crazy work schedule & because of my custom orders, BUT I have been tracking thr progress of the other wonderful ladies who have! One that is finished & I absolutely fell in love with her color choices is Jesse’s (@oocha on IG)! I abolutely love her light gray w/ blue & green color work! Its a bit of blue sky on a cloudy day for anytime of the year to keep you warm & lookin fab! I definitely reccomend this pattern to shawl coveters (like myself) & knitters who want an awesome quick & stylish project for Winter! Here’s some pictures of Jesse’s awesome shawl:





Every Tuesday I’ll be featuring the KAL projects from various knitters so stay tuned for next weeks KAL Show off!

Love always your craft addict,



2 thoughts on “KAL Showoff

  1. LOVELY! I didn’t have time to join in on this KAL either. I guess y’all may see me on KAL’s after December 25, or after my birthday the following week. Oh, wait, I’m not “doing” birthdays for me anymore. LOL!

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